STORY is a project about energy storage and smart energy grids, but behind any modern project, there is also an ICT infrastructure. The project has multiple different sites, each with their own internal ICT system ranging from industrial strength SCADA-systems to custom built end user installations with traditional smart meters and LoRa equipment. All this […]

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Progress of the Beneens demonstrator after one year of operation

At the demonstrator site at Beneens in Olen, Belgium, a wood fired boiler of 1.6 MWth was installed. The waste wood from the general contractor Beneens is the fuel for this boiler. In case the amount of wood is insufficient to fulfill the heat demand, waste wood from other companies is also used. The high […]

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The STORY Added Value Analysis Framework is presented in the Energy Storage 2018 Conference

The Energy Storage 2018 Conference took place the 31st January-1st February 2018 in Cologne. The conference brought together numerous stakeholders involved in the energy storage sector to discuss about key aspects that impact the large scale energy storage deployment. Raquel Garde from CENER (Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables) presented the STORY Added Value Analysis Framework […]

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Regulation: a key factor for the Storage added value assessment

During the last two to three years important progress in the regulatory framework concerning energy storage systems has taken place. Strong lobby efforts from diverse associations and organizations have culminated in the incorporation of energy storage in many of the Directives and Regulations that comprise the Clean Energy for All Europeans package (link). This gives […]

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Energy storages can give an important contribution to climate change mitigation, especially when controlled intelligently

Energy efficient buildings and passive houses are an important step to achieving the long-term objectives for climate change mitigation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions set forth by the different international agreements like the European 2030 energy strategy or the United Nation’s Paris agreement. The ever-increasing demand for energy in the society and the simultaneous […]

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Speed Dating: An Interoperability Metaphor

Interoperability is a longstanding issue. It continues to remain a noticeable requirement on the wishing lists from the industrial automation community in general and the smart energy community in particular. Undeniably, there has been progress. Equally undoubtedly, serious interoperability challenges resist all our efforts. Indeed, numerous talented researchers and countless motivated developers have contributed to […]

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STORY update

Current work in WP7: extrapolation is emphasizing on the assessment of the storage impact on the electricity systems. In first year of the project, we defined the structure of the network where implementation of storage technologies will take place in our research. All developments aspects of the grid were also defined together with other important […]

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6th General STORY Meeting in Graz!

The STORY team gathered to its 6th General Meeting, this time in Graz, Austria. The meeting was hosted by Joanneum Research, and the group had the chance to visit their brand new offices in the Science Tower, with a view over the whole town. During the meeting, the status of and first learnings from the […]

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STORY at the 8th Nordic Passive House Conference!

The 8th Nordic Passive House took place the 27-29th September 2017 in Helsinki. This conference belongs to a conference series focusing on passive houses and energy efficient buildings held alternately in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Raquel Garde from CENER (Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables) presented the simulation results obtained for the Spanish case study. […]

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STORY at the IAEE European conference 2017

On 5 September, Nico Keyaerts presented the work on business models for storage and other innovative services in the session on ‘Electricity Grid Perspectives’. The presentation was well received and a short discussion on the work took place on what it would mean for the industry in the future. A striking comment was made that […]

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