STORY at Smart Energy Systems Week Austria, SESWA 2018!

Andrej Gubina (University of Ljubljana) and Andreas Tuerk (Joanneum Research) represented STORY in the 2-days start-up and innovation days part of the annual smart grid event, organized by Hemma Bieser from Austrian company AvantSmart. It was part of the Smart Energy Systems Week Austria, SESWA 2018, that took place between 14.-18. May 2018 in Vienna, […]

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Black out on the residential grid of our STORY demonstration

On April 16th there was a black out on the residential grid of our STORY demonstration. One phase dropped out first, followed by the two others 2 hours later. The figure below reveals the details of this early morning black out. The right axis shows the power provision to the Living Lab, connected on batteries. […]

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In depth interoperability: when reality has priority over the ICT

In smart power applications, the energy and its ironware – transformers, underground cables, batteries, heat pumps, solar panels… – represent more value than the smartness-providing ICT by orders of magnitude. Accordingly, what happens in the real world takes precedence over what happens in the computer network. In-depth interoperability acknowledges the above. It preserves the ability […]

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Company Beneens in Olen were heated with renewable energy!

Office buildings, workshops and processes of the construction company Beneens in Olen were heated with renewable energy during last winter months. Instead of using fossil fuels the company uses waste wood of their own processes and other companies to heat the different buildings and drying/painting cabinets. The waste wood boiler delivered heat for the high […]

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But does it really work?

On the top level of the STORY model, there are forecast and optimization models running – predicting the near future and optimizing storage usage against expected energy consumption, local weather forecast and spot prices. These results are then fed back to the STORY platform, so they can be compared against the real measurements as they […]

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1st STORY Highlight paper online!

The more diverse the power system is becoming in terms of new technologies and actors, the more important is an accurate and detailed understanding of its operation. For this purpose, STORY has developed a platform for reliable network simulations presented here. First, the use of energy storage devices impacts the amount of energy generated by […]

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STORY is a project about energy storage and smart energy grids, but behind any modern project, there is also an ICT infrastructure. The project has multiple different sites, each with their own internal ICT system ranging from industrial strength SCADA-systems to custom built end user installations with traditional smart meters and LoRa equipment. All this […]

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Progress of the Beneens demonstrator after one year of operation

At the demonstrator site at Beneens in Olen, Belgium, a wood fired boiler of 1.6 MWth was installed. The waste wood from the general contractor Beneens is the fuel for this boiler. In case the amount of wood is insufficient to fulfill the heat demand, waste wood from other companies is also used. The high […]

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The STORY Added Value Analysis Framework is presented in the Energy Storage 2018 Conference

The Energy Storage 2018 Conference took place the 31st January-1st February 2018 in Cologne. The conference brought together numerous stakeholders involved in the energy storage sector to discuss about key aspects that impact the large scale energy storage deployment. Raquel Garde from CENER (Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables) presented the STORY Added Value Analysis Framework […]

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Regulation: a key factor for the Storage added value assessment

During the last two to three years important progress in the regulatory framework concerning energy storage systems has taken place. Strong lobby efforts from diverse associations and organizations have culminated in the incorporation of energy storage in many of the Directives and Regulations that comprise the Clean Energy for All Europeans package (link). This gives […]

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