Short- and long-term thermal energy storage in a residential setting

The energy system of the residential demonstrator in Oud-Heverlee is equipped with different types of hot-water vessels used for thermal energy storage. These storage units offer, combined with the solar collectors, the possibility to increase the production and the self-consumption of locally produced renewable energy. It is evident that mismatches between generation by solar collectors […]

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Seminar: Business Models and Regulation for Storage

  The H2020 STORY project demonstrates how energy storage can be used and integrated into current power systems. In a framework where different actors can use storage assets it is essential to identify the business models and regulation that make storage sustainable. How can users at a residential, industrial and network level make use of […]

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In-depth interoperability through embedded connected digital twins

A digital twin refers to a digital replica of physical assets (physical twin), processes, people, places, systems and devices that can be used for various purposes. In STORY, its in-depth interoperability architecture positions embedded digital twins between reality and service-providing IT such as the actual controls, monitoring, diagnostics, etc. The digital twin is the sole access […]

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Energy savings with model predictive control – The STORY Approach

Energy management is a challenging task. The use of model predictive control (MPC) as a control strategy for energy management has proven to be an effective mechanism and is described as an approach that is based on predictions and is able to provide the most desirable future outcome while taking into account the given constraints […]

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STORY at Energy Days 2018 in Vienna

Heribert Vallant from STORY spoke at the “Stationary Energy Storage” conference during the imh Energy Days 2018 in Vienna about measures to protect the energy storage components in the distribution grid against cyber-attacks.The increasing digitization of the energy grid allows criminal hackers to attack the energy system at different levels and to exploit weak points […]

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STORY highlight

The ambition to increase the share of renewable energy sources in the energy system inherently leads to several challenges. One of those challenges is the temporal mismatch between the energy demand and the renewable energy production which has an intermittent nature. Energy storage offers the possibility to decouple demand and supply and to add flexibility […]

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The promising new regulation for self-consumption in Spain

A few months ago in a previous blog, we illustrated with the example of the Spanish pilot plant of the STORY project as regulation can influence the viability of a renewable plant with energy storage. In recent months, with the change of government, the national energy policy is experiencing important changes among which we must […]

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STORY as part of “The future of energy storage” at SP18

STORY was one of the six projects discussed in “The future of energy storage” workshop, which was organised on June 27th 2018 in the context of the International conference Sustainable Places 2018. The aim of the WS was to benchmark the progress of six projects supported by the European Commission which are focused on the […]

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2018 IEEE PES General Meeting

The 2018 IEEE PES General Meeting took place in Portland US, from the 5-8. August 2018. The international conference had as technical theme “Re-Imagining the Electric Grid”. The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Power and Energy Society is the largest international organisation in its field. The annual General Meeting attracts more than 3000 participants […]

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Call for papers! Workshop with the Vlerick Business School 30th Nov. 2018

On 30 November 2018, EASE is co-hosting a workshop with the @Vlerick Business School and @H2020STORY project on Business Models and Regulation for Energy Storage. The call for papers has just been published! Discover more:  Seminar on business models and regulation for storage Seminar co-organized by Vlerick Business School, the European Association for Storage […]

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