STORY at Energy Days 2018 in Vienna

Heribert Vallant from STORY spoke at the “Stationary Energy Storage” conference during the imh Energy Days 2018 in Vienna about measures to protect the energy storage components in the distribution grid against cyber-attacks.The increasing digitization of the energy grid allows criminal hackers to attack the energy system at different levels and to exploit weak points […]

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STORY highlight

The ambition to increase the share of renewable energy sources in the energy system inherently leads to several challenges. One of those challenges is the temporal mismatch between the energy demand and the renewable energy production which has an intermittent nature. Energy storage offers the possibility to decouple demand and supply and to add flexibility […]

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The promising new regulation for self-consumption in Spain

A few months ago in a previous blog, we illustrated with the example of the Spanish pilot plant of the STORY project as regulation can influence the viability of a renewable plant with energy storage. In recent months, with the change of government, the national energy policy is experiencing important changes among which we must […]

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