2018 IEEE PES General Meeting

2018 IEEE PES General Meeting in Portland US, 5-8 August 2018

The 2018 IEEE PES General Meeting took place in Portland US, from the 5-8. August 2018. The international conference had as technical theme “Re-Imagining the Electric Grid”. The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Power and Energy Society is the largest international organisation in its field. The annual General Meeting attracts more than 3000 participants from all over the world, who engage in presentation of scientific papers, panels dedicated to all facets of power engineering, tutorials, workshops and committees jointly working on standards, white papers and other publications.

The conference discussed issues including transportation electrification, increasing customer engagement, investing in clean and reliably energy supply, and partnerships with local communities on smart cities initiatives. Despite different regulatory frameworks in the US and in the EU many trends and conference contributions echoed the current EU discussions. With an increasing shift to wind and solar generation sources in the US, utilities are continuing to address the challenges and benefits of integrating distributed energy resources into the grid and ways to better use ICT, control and machine intelligence and technologies. Linked to transport electrification an important emerging conference topic was vehicle to grid technologies.

The STORY project was presented at the Panel Session “Energy Infrastructure Projects in European Transmission Grids” where some of the most interesting R&D and Industry projects in the field of power transmission and distribution from the EU were presented. The STORY presentation, held by Prof. Andrej Gubina, was highly welcomed particularly in the aspect on providing services to the grid via different storage systems. Insights from the conference will be considered when further developing the different demonstrations of STORY, in particular in those that are interacting with the LV grid, business model design and testing, and preparation of policy recommendations.