First Advisory Board Meeting

6-7 June 2016 in Helsinki, Finland

“The First STORY Advisory Board Meeting: Demonstrating and enabling multi-modal energy storage solutions”

On Monday 6 June, STORY hosted its first Advisory Board meeting in Helsinki, bringing together 17 high-level participants from across the energy value chain, from generation to end-users, representing businesses (e.g. DSOs, renewable energy companies, start-ups, aggregators, etc.), civil society (consumer organisations), and public institutions. In an intense two-day workshop process, AB Members engaged with the STORY team in an open dialogue, guided by facilitators, to discuss the opportunities and obstacles related to energy storage. The central themes that emerged from these discussions included market design, network management, and regulations.

After a field trip to VTT’s battery testing facilities, the focus turned to how the STORY project could address the identified opportunities and obstacles in its work, including through STORY’s different demo-sites across Europe, and its Work Packages related to simulations, business models, markets, and regulation & policy.

Over the course of the next few months, the STORY team will be compiling and analysing the rich input the Advisory Board provided and continue to engage with the Members on this exciting project. As recommended by the Board, STORY will have to continuously contribute to decision-making processes, including through the BRIDGE project collaboration mechanism, in a quickly-changing and complex energy landscape in order to have a real impact. Moreover, as a central goal, STORY should aim to demonstrate multi-modal energy storage solutions and their value, ultimately enabling a flexible market that allows for the inclusion of energy prosumers, consumers, communities, or in any form, into an overarching energy market model.

The STORY team is very happy to take on this challenge with its Advisory Board, and we are excited to see where this story takes us.

To be continued…