STORY article in SP19 Proceedings published

The learnings from STORY project were presented in a WS in the Sustainable Places conference in Cagliari, Italy. This 7th edition of the Sustainable Places conference took place on the island of Sardegna. It included all aspects of sustainability but had focused tracks on Island Sustainability, Investing in EE retrofit, Demand Response, Smart Cities and the role of Sustainability Protocols, presented through keynotes, technical sessions and workshops. The conference also included an Infoday and Brokerage event dedicated to upcoming Energy Efficiency and Energy Systems topics in H2020. In total, approximately 250 people participated in the event “to disseminate, cluster, network and take the next steps toward sustainability actions”, as the organisers prompted in their welcoming words.

The STORY WS, titled “Added value of CLEAN ENERGY STORAGE in distribution systems”, delivered insights into technology integration and interoperability; market and regulatory barriers; and the importance of social acceptance and customer engagement in rolling out energy storage innovation. It was facilitated by the STORY partners Martin Watson and Dimitri Weibel from Prospex Institute, while Jernej Zupancic from University of Ljubljana and Mia Ala-Juusela from VTT gave the presentations. Also Andreas Tuerk from Joanneum Research participated in the organisations and preparation of the material.

Now the article describing the WS content is available in the conference proceedings (click here).