STORY co-organized a Workshop on Energy Communities in Gent, first results are now availabe for downloads

Apr 29, 2019 9:00 am

The EU’s clean energy package has been recently adopted. In this package document, energy production at the local level in particular via renewable energy communities and citizen’s energy communities is perceived crucial to foster renewable energy production.

However, energy communities still face many obstacles to their development. This event provided the latest information about the development of energy communities for business within the EU, and discussed the conditions under which energy communities will be formed.

Within STORY the planned community battery in a residential area in Belgium (near Leuven) will be the nucleus of a Citizen Energy Community improving the power quality of a neighbourhood with 40 houses at the end of the line. It will balance energy generation and demand including a range of flexibilities from heat pumps , EVs, DSM etc. It also aims to provide services to the DSO.

Results of the workshop can be downloaded here.

Link to the event: