STORY team meets in Pamplona, Spain!

In April 2016 the STORY consortium came together for the third work meeting in Pamplona, Spain. CENER welcomed all project partners. Besides discussing the current state of work, the whole STORY team had the opportunity to visit Cener’s microgrid in Sanguesa and learn about the demonstration of the P2P SmarTest project, in which CENER is also partner. The STORY team is very interested in other LCE 6-10 projects. Leen Peeters took a leading role as coordinator in the BRIDGE team and STORY is actively involved in all 4 BRIDGE working groups. Nico Keyaert (Vlerick) and Andrej Gubina (University of Ljubljana) are cooperating in the Working Group on Business Models. Also, Andreas Tuerk (Joanneum Research) and Tine Stevens (Th!nk E) are actively participating in the Working Group on Regulations. Raquel Garde (CENER) and Topi Mikkola (BaseN) are taking the honours for the Working Group on data management. And finally, Stefan Haenen (Prospex Institute) takes up the job for User Engagement.