STORY update 2016

Current work in WP7: extrapolation is emphasizing on the assessment of the storage impact on the electricity systems. In first year of the project, we defined the structure of the network where implementation of storage technologies will take place in our research. All developments aspects of the grid were also defined together with other important factors. Development scenarios of end user consumptions were chosen, together with increasing penetration of renewable sources, implementation of electric vehicles, development of thermal grid and storage installations.

In following activities, we defined the approach how we are going to simulate all this development scenarios, what software tools we will use and how they will be utilized. As a result of these activities, we established a simulation platform, designed for simulation of the electricity systems. Task 7.2 was completed once we establish software connections and provided possibility to implement previously defined development scenarios to the chosen grid. Established platform provides starting point for the later simulations and analysis of the network.

Figure 1: Task 7.2 connections in the project

After establishment of the platform, we moved to test simulations within the task 7.3, where we first focus on storage impact on distribution networks. After the first run of Monte Carlo for single group of the development scenarios, the results were analysed through Value Analysis, with the defined KPIs from WP6. After quality check of the results of the results, updates on the platform will be applied based on feedback and the rest of the scenarios will be simulated. After first phase, where we simulate distribution systems, the analysis will focus on transmission network operation.

Figure 2: Simulation platform

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